Thanksgiving 2013

I missed a few days of running this week
But if it's quality that matters
Today more than made up the difference
Today I ran the Pine and Cedar Lakes trail

It was not a quality of speed, nor of distance
Rather, it was the most important quality:

The trails I ran today lack the flashy beauty 
Of their sister trail, Fragrance Lake, 
Which lies just over the ridge.
Fragrance Lake has the ostentatiousness
Of views through madrona
At the Salish Sea

Pine and Cedar focus inward
On a quiet beauty, with depth to discover
If only one explores a little
The kind of beauty which captured Aldo Leopold
And was in turn captured by his words
In "A Sand County Almanac"

My run began with a steep hill
One hundred yards in the burn was already intense
As my muscles remembered their purpose
When I finally arrived at a point
Of somewhat level trail
I checked the mileage
(I confess; I'm a data guy):
Ninety-three hundredths
Of a single mile

Already I'd passed countless streams
Had books' worth of deep thought
And blank journals' worth of zen moments
While the wind whispered among the doug fir
And the hemlock and cedar
Funny; I saw no pine

I continued up for another 
Six-tenths or so
Distance and speed not being my aim
But simply a few moments
To contemplate, alone
Things I am thankful for
Or should be
On this day of reflection

Turning around, I head down
This is the hard part:
Finding a balance between 
Careening out of control
And braking too much
Both approaches hurt my feet
And I am not in good enough shape
To fly helter-skelter down hill
So I brake, a bit too much

What took half an hour to climb
Is run in half that on the return
The sun is shining brightly today
A rarity here, so all the more precious
I am thankful for this day
This world
And my small part in itImageImageImageImage


  1. What a lovely poetic run you had.

    1. Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely comment. I live in an area blessed with lots of trails and parks to explore, in whatever manner feels right…

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